A Deep Dive into RealAlt’s Mortgage Fund: Is NOW the time to invest?
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Brian Dorr – Founder at RealAlt Investments & Dorr Capital
Harshil Meraiya – Director of IR at RealAlt Investments
Host: Romeo Maione – VP Business Solutions at 6ix

Date First Aired: Oct 18th 2023


  1. Over the last 4 weeks you have
  2. Heard about Canadian economics and Real Estate
  3. Met the CEO with 30 yrs industry experience
  4. An overview of passive Real Estate + 10 top questions to ask
  5. Heard from Commercial Real estate Financial experts.

Now, dive into RealAlt® Investments’ portfolio strategy and Mortgage Fund and explore key characteristics of Series A (mortgages) with an IRR of 8-12% with monthly distributions AND Series M (equity) with a 2x-4x after the sale of the property.

Posted on October 18, 2023

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