Know the Game Plan

Portfolio Strategy

RealAlt®’s investment objective is two-fold: preserve invested capital, and generate a consistent rate of interest income.

How is this achieved?

RealAlt® invests in a diversified portfolio of land and new home developments, and first- and second-position mortgages targeting up to 80% loan to value at the time of funding. This means investors get exposure to real estate private debt, while benefiting from monthly payouts.

Offensive and defensive mortgage/debt solutions

Working with Dorr Capital gives RealAlt® the first opportunity to pick and choose the strong builders, desirable locations, and target the right type of mortgages, at the best rates for the fund. Further, we have the option of investing in part or entire mortgages.

Expert analysis

Our credit committee is highly experienced in deal analysis, and knows what’s best for the RealAlt® fund. Our approach is rigorous and meets the high standards of the fund.

Respected industry heavyweights

Our close collaboration with Dorr Capital makes us highly respected debt providers in the commercial real estate world. Their excellent reputation and strong, long-standing relationships with key players is the ultimate asset in the success of our investments and partnerships.

Execute the Playbook


The fund’s primary objective is to offer non-accredited and accredited investors exposure to a key asset class of Ultra-high-net-worth individuals: real estate private debt. At the same time, the fund works hard to both preserve capital and generate income for investors.

Why Invest

  • Diversify your traditional equity portfolio
  • Since inception, we’ve generated 11.36% distribution returns as of April 30, 2024, Series A,- Net of Fees – annualized
  • And generated $4.36 MM in dollar distribution to our investors
  • Enjoy low volatility relative to major equity markets 
  • We perform superior our 12+ years 40+ steps time tested process for    underwriting and financial analysis on all deals
  • We have a strategic partnership with specialized non-bank lender (Dorr Capital Corporation) with over $2.6B mortgage deal value


Key Characteristics

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Mortgage Position

1st Mortgage

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2nd Mortgage

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Loan Type


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Parameters to Invest

RealAlt provides access to diversified mortgage investments which in turn is used by developers for land development and construction. Our basic investment parameters include:

A minimum investment of $25,000

Participating investors are required to invest a minimum of $25,000 for Series A, F and $10,000 for Series E.

Outstanding track records

Each of our developers has a track record of outstanding success, and must have experience in the asset class and geographic market they plan to develop in.

Targeted asset classes

We invest in several asset classes, including:

  • Land^
  • Land servicing
  • New home developments (10+ homes)

Strategic locations

We fund well-located real estate projects across Ontario.

Early Opportunities

RealAlt® often invests in development opportunities for land acquisition during the pre-sales or pre-leasing phase.

^RealAlt® often invests in Early development opportunities for land acquisition during the pre-sales or pre-leasing phase.


Dundalk Land Loan

Southgate, Ontario

$6,000,000 | Land Loan

A first mortgage land loan secured over 99.4-acres of land to be developed into 804 low-rise homes (Singles, Semis and Townhomes).

Beeton Village

New Tecumseth, Ontario

$2,850,000 | Land Loan

A first mortgage bridge land loan secured over 212-acres of land with a proposed development of 595 low-rise residential lots, 400 apartment units and 29,000 SF of retail space.

Main Street

Hamilton, Ontario

$965,000 | Bridge Loan

A first mortgage construction bridge loan secured over a 0.43-acre parcel of land with a proposed development of a 7-storey, 96-unit apartment building comprising of 10 affordable units.