Corporate Responsibility

At RealAlt®, we believe we have a responsibility to give back to our communities. We give regularly to community-driven nonprofit and social organizations to improve communities across Ontario. We don’t just invest local — we also support local.

The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank

The Richmond Hill Community Food Bank is a non-government, independently run non-profit agency, founded to provide temporary emergency food assistance to those in need.


The Markham Food Bank

The Markham Food Bank has been building a welcoming environment of fairness and equality since 1984.


Barrie Food Bank

The Barrie Food Bank’s mission is to provide temporary food relief to individuals and families of our community who are in need, and to serve as a resource to guide them along the road to self-sufficiency.


Clearview Stayner Food Bank

Clearview Stayner Food Bank is a non-profit organization providing food support to those in need in the Clearview community.



Kawartha Lakes Food Source

Kawartha Lakes Food Source is a not-for-profit central distribution centre that supplies food and other household essentials to member organizations, which in turn provide support to individuals in need.