RealAlt® Investments is an opportunity to invest like the wealthy Canadians. In its simplest term, a developer or builder requires millions of  dollars to buy land, service the land and build homes. RealAlt® Investments loans the funds and loan is paid back with interest to RealAlt.  That interest payment becomes part of an investors monthly pay out. 

This fund is designed to give investors the opportunity to participate in real estate mortgage investments that provide superior risk-adjusted returns.

By investing in the fund, investors will also gain exposure to the growing real estate market in Ontario. RealAlt® Investments intends to make monthly distributions to investors.

RealAlt® Investments is affiliated with Dorr Capital Corporation.

Investment Opportunity

RealAlt® Investments challenges conventional investment tools by offering an innovative way to invest.

It is our goal to open the mortgage investment market to RealAlt® investors and diversify their investment portfolio as an alternative to traditional stock and bond assets. Our mortgage investment opportunities are in Urban Centres in Ontario such as Greater Toronto Area, Barrie, and Kitchener-Waterloo.

We are results-driven with two main objectives for our investors: steady returns and preservation of capital.

RealAlt® partners with Dorr Capital that has over 10 years experience working with high-quality developers. Dorr Capital sources financing for experienced, professional developers. Your investments are primarily invested in land and construction loans such as new homes developments.

Our mortgage investments allow participants to earn superior yield in the form of stable distributions while benefitting from the security of real estate.

Investment Highlights

  • Allows for diversification of portfolio
  • Target 7.5% yield, paid monthly
  • Fund focuses on 1st and 2nd mortgage loans in the development space
  • Dorr Capital’s real estate experience and superior underwriting standards will allow the Fund to participate in higher yield mortgages while managing risk

How it works:

Your money is invested into RealAlt® investments. Capital from the RealAlt® mortgage fund is then put towards commercial real estate mortgages facilitated by Dorr Capital. Dorr Capital partners with high-quality developers to support their land and construction development. On a monthly basis, Dorr Capital facilitates the movement of interest payments from the developer to RealAlt®.

RealAlt® pays you monthly distributions. You have the option to participate in our DRIP program (Distribution Reinvestment Plan) where your cash distributions are used to buy more units of the mortgage Fund. Units can be purchased in registered accounts such as RRSPs and TFSAs.

Investors Assets

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